Sewing a Girls Maxi Dress – Stitching – The Neckline

We have drafted the pattern and cut out our dress next we need to sew it to do this you will need

  • A Sewing Machine
  • Thread of your color choice
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

Lets get started you will need to start with the front dress piece and the front neck piece, pin these together front side to front side like pictured, once this is pinned in place you can now stitch it I use the clear screen as a guide to how far from the edge of the fabric I need to be, remove the pins as you go and when you have completed it should look like the 3rd image.

2015-01-09 13.35.35 2015-01-09 13.38.33 2015-01-09 13.41.15

so that the fabric will turn without loosing the curve we need to snip the hem on the neck upto the stitch but make sure we don’t snip the stitch too. Take the dress front to your ironing board and fold the neck over so that we are now looking at the back of the dress, we need to create 2 folds so fold the neck line in half and then lay it flat against the inside of the front of the dress. Iron and pin into place. We will stitch this into place removing the pins as you sew.

2015-01-09 13.43.12 2015-01-09 13.43.33 2015-01-09 18.19.21 2015-01-09 18.21.47

Take the back dress piece and lay this on top of the front dress piece front sides matching, before we do the back neck we need to sew the shoulder seams together, now we have done this we can fold the back neck piece in half and lay it level going down the shoulder like image 2, sew this into place then with the needle in the fabric twist the back neck piece so that it follows the curve of the back neck (image 4) sew all the way until you are nearly at the second shoulder we need the back neck piece to finish as we started but with any excess fabric going up like in the last image, sew again along the shoulder seam to secure this in place, remove any excess fabric by cutting it away.

2015-01-09 20.47.12 2015-01-09 20.49.37 2015-01-09 20.50.08 2015-01-09 20.51.14 2015-01-09 20.51.27 2015-01-09 20.52.08 2015-01-09 20.52.26

Now that we have attached the back neckline its time to turn it and hem it into place, once you have picked the dress up and looked at the neck it should sorta fall into place, if not just give it a little help by folding it over and then sewing it into place.

2015-01-09 20.53.04 2015-01-09 20.53.28 2015-01-09 20.54.512015-01-09 20.56.45

you should now have a neckline that lies perfectly flat when worn. Any questions feel free to ask, check back tomorrow where we will complete the dress.

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