So you want to learn to sew – What you need to begin!

Learning a new craft, any craft doesn’t have to be expensive a lot of your supplies do not have to be brought until you have developed your skill and even then you may choose that you don’t need them. I have compiled a list on the basic supplies (and tips) you will need to begin.

Sewing machine. There’s no need to spend a lot on your first sewing machine. You can buy second hand (advisable to do so from a trusty seller or local enough to get it checked). If your able to borrow one to get started with even better but as occasionally you will choose to upgrade although you normally fall in love and repeatedly go back to your first machine.

Thread. You will need thread to match the fabric you buy, over time if you are keen you will acquire quite a stash of thread don’t be tempted when you first buy thread to buy the sewing sets for 99p they are a waste of money and will show you no mercy when using them on a sewing machine, spend that little extra and get some good quality thread.

Bobbins. I’m a fan of metal bobbins and have one for every color thread as the hassle of changing thread on a bobbin is too much for me there not expensive and you can pick up 20 on ebay for a few pound.

Fabric Scissors. These are my babies, I have such a great love for them that my children know they are out of bounds and cannot be touched, I spent a little extra on these as they need to be sharp and cut well without jaggering (is that even a word) the fabric. Don’t ever be tempted to use these on paper or anything other then fabric as they will go blunt, buy a separate pair for paper cutting etc.

Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat. This is not a must but if you are doing smaller projects like quilt making or bags etc this will make cutting a lot easier.

Seam Ripper. This is a cheap but invaluable tool, everyone who sews makes mistakes and will spend the time unpicking threads, have a few in your box you will love then for there ease of use.

Pins. well they speak for themselves, they stop the slipping and help you keep everything in place whether you choose to love them or hate them you will need them.

Measuring Tape and Ruler. Measure twice cut once, live by that quote and it will make your journey a lot easier.

Tailors Chalk. Makes cutting for me alot easier, Its easy to use and rubs off when you don’t need it.

Sewing Needle. For anything that may need finishing by hand.

Spare Machine Needles. They break! You do not need to be mid-way through a project and your needle breaks without a spare….its not cool and may end in tears.

Fabric. The addiction, you will buy a lot eventually but before you spend every last penny in your purse at this moment let me tell you something….. STOP! WAIT! and PRACTICE!! When I started to sew I started on £1 per metre fabric and that was with sewing knowledge. I still get nervous when I cut into fabric that I have spent more on, I assume most people do. If you are not as lucky as me and don’t have Birmingham Markets on your door, then look for whats old and make it to something new. Take that old T-shirt and change it into a T-shirt for your child or take an old bed set you no longer use and make a dress. The internet is full of gems on using whats old and up-cycling it into something new, this way there’s no waste and your building confidence.

Now we have all those your ready to begin, but whatever you have decided to make, check there supply list. It may require extra things like interfacing or buttons.

If your stopping by and are an experienced sewer, have you any advice to offer to our newbies or tools you cannot live without? Leave a comment and share your knowledge.


3 thoughts on “So you want to learn to sew – What you need to begin!

  1. Tip #1: Don’t be tempted to buy the cheap cones of serger thread for your sewing machine. Serger thread is too fine and weak to be used by itself on your machine. The cone also doesn’t play well with most machine spool holders. If you’re on a budget two spools of all purpose polyester thread in black and white is perfect.

    Tip #2: Get yourself a project notebook or a project board to keep yourself organized. Somewhere you can jot down notes about where you left off, how you fixed a particular problem, and what is left to be done. It’s also a good place to keep inspiration photos as well as your measurements so you aren’t constantly remeasuring yourself for every pattern you draft.

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  2. Totally agree with Candiedangel above. My sewing journal is where I keep pattern notes and stitch reminders. I also keeps swatches and write on them when I have a fave stitch setting. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, I’ve made plenty 😀
    Happy Sewing!


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