Sewing a Girls Maxi Dress – Stitching the Dress

Now that we have completed the neckline we can add the sleeves, we need to line the sleeves up print to print and then starting from the middle of the sleeve attach it to the shoulder seam then work your way around until the sleeve is attached then take it to the sewing machine and sew the sleeve removing the pins as you go, repeat the same for the other sleeve.

2015-01-09 21.35.12 2015-01-09 21.40.42

We now need to stitch the side seems now because im using a jersey knit fabric that only has a 1 way stretch that runs down the dress I will use a zigzag stitch the smallest one on my machine, this allows my fabric to stretch without breaking the stitches, Starting by folding the fabric and matching up the sides so that it looks like a dress begin to sew starting at the armhole, remember that you have a seam allowance and add this in this can be cut away once completed if your fitting is correct. Repeat this process for the other side.

2015-01-09 21.47.59 2015-01-09 21.48.29

Now that you have sewn your seams you should have what looks like a dress the only thing left is to hem the arm holes and the bottom of the dress, fold your seam half an inch and then another half an inch, Iron this and pin it into place. Take it to your sewing machine and stitch near the hemmed edge all the way around until you have completed all the seams

2015-01-09 22.02.16 2015-01-09 22.04.52

You should now have a completed dress, try it on your model if the fitting is well, cut away any excess fabric and you have completed your dress, I have included a picture of a dress I made earlier in maroon using the same process.

2015-01-01 12.54.55 2015-01-10 13.21.58

If you try this dress, let me know how it turns out and share your results.

See you Soon,

Sew & See


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