Getting Started – Pattern Drafting -Child’s Sleeves

So yesterday I showed you how to draft a pattern of a bodice using a current t-shirt that fits nicely, today I will show you how to draft a sleeve for that t-shirt. Now there are many ways to do this but this is my preferred method that has never failed me for what I need to sew it for and it does change depending on the garment I am making but I will come to that when I am making that garment for now this is how I do it.

Place your bodice pattern onto the end of a piece of paper, line up the shoulder stitch seam with the edge of paper it should look like this.


Now that we have that lined up we need to draw along the edge of the pattern piece and add a little extra after the curve, this is your seam, it will help make sure you have a good fit and will also allow room for error, it can be trimmed away once your garment is complete.

20150103_212300 20150103_212319

You can use your T Shirt to get the length of the sleeve and how wide you want it but i chose to go 3 inchs down using 1 inch for hemming purposes and 5 1/2 inches across remembering that this already has 1 inch seam allowance


this is what your finished sleeve should look like, this can be cut out and added to the other patterns.


We are now ready to test them for making a garment.

See you soon,

Sew & See


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